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We are the ambassador of high quality producers of fine hand-crafted wines mainly from France, but also from Europe and South America.

We sell our wines in all New England states and a few other states in the US.

Didier Boutet, a French native moved in the US in 1994 and since then has been involved in the wine industry.

Starting his early career with a wine store in CT, he then represented some of the finest importers in the country as a distributor and started to import his own selection in 2001.

D.B. Wine Selection acquired a solid reputation amongst the most demanding professionals (retailers, restaurants…) in the states we are in for the quality and values of the entire portfolio.

The company is located in Framingham (close to Boston), MA.

Our Wines

“Fine wine is first and foremost an expression of the place where it’s grown.â€

The keys in our selection are “the terroirâ€, the authenticity, the character of the wines and the relationships we are developing with our producers.

They are talented, passionate and dedicating their life to produce the best fine wines possible in their unique land. There is always a story behind our wines.

We are at the opposite of the mass production and always looking for natural wines (as much as possible), made with a purpose and character.

We respect the mystery of a well-crafted wine.


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