Château La Colombière


Installed on the alluvial terraces of the Tarn, the Domaine de la Colombière is anchored in its origins in the South-West. Although the Romans have been planting vineyards in Gaillac and Fronton since the 3rd century, the Domaine’s agricultural destination dates back to the fifth century, and is closely linked to the history of Bouloc, a neighboring village of which it is a “countryside”, where the villagers came to work the land and vineyards for the day.

At the Revolution, the estate became the property of the Chabanon family settled in Villaudric, until the end of the 20th century. It is one of its last representatives who decided in the late 1960s to name it Domaine de La Colombière and give it a destination exclusively wine.

In 1984 the Driésen Family acquired the Estate. After a career in the industry, Baron François de Driésen gives it a new impetus and sets itself the objective of full marketing of bottled production. It strongly develops direct sales to individuals, and “leaves” La Colombière its anchor “Sud-Ouest” by developing sales to national professionals as well as export.

In 1998, his daughter Diane joined him and took charge of the commercial activity, first for export, with a two-year stay in the USA and then at the estate. There, with patience and observation, she learned the trade of winegrower alongside her father. 2006 not only signs a great vintage, but a new page in the history of La Colombière. Baron de Driésen retires and gives the property to Diane and her husband Philippe. A lawyer by training, Philippe willingly leaves his Parisian career to devote himself fully to viticulture with an ingenuous and passionate look! The couple decided to engage La Colombière in organic and biodynamic farming in their first vintage. Today the Domaine’s 16 hectares are certified by Ecocert. But beyond the specifications, the young thirty-year-old couple seeks to give the Négrette its nobility, and to the terroirs of Villaudric all the attention they require.



Wine Grape Varietal Age of the vines Nature of soil Technical Sheet
Les Jacquaires 40% Chenin,                   40% Sauvignon,                     20% Bouysselet 9 to 30 years Siliceous clayey gravel.
Le Grand B 100% Bouysselet 20 years Siderolithic and red clay.
Vin Gris Rose 100% Negrette 25 years sand, clay, stones and silica
Les Frontons Flingeurs 100% Negrette 30 years siderolithic, gravel and silt
Coste Rouge 100% Negrette 47 years siderolithic (iron rich silt), stony, draining soil with clay.
Colombulle 100% Negrette 35 years Limestone and white clay


REGION South West
APPELLATION(S) Fonton, Vin de France
PRODUCER Château La Colombière
FOUNDED  In 1984 the Driésen Family acquired the Estate
FARMING Organic and biodynamic