Domaine Chevrot et Fils


It was Paul and Henriette Chevrot who gave their blood sweat and tears to establish the family domaine. In 1973 the management was passed to son Fernand and wife Catherine, their passion and love for wines from this region have shaped the domaine. The passion for wine has also been passed onto sons Pablo and Vincent. Pablo started working for the domaine in July 2002 having completed his studies. Pablo married Kaori, a Japanese wine taster in August 2003. Vincent the younger of the sons joined the family domaine in 2007 after completing studies and gaining wine making experience in France and around the world.

Located in the Maranges region at the southern entrance to the world renowned Côte de Beaune wine region. The Chevrot estate consists of 15 different appellations spread over a total area of 20 hectares. The different appellations are approved by the French national institute (INAO) which strictly control the origin, production and quality of wines in France.

The cellar located under the house was constructed in 1798 and holds the French oak barrels in which the wine is aged. The property has its own winery, bottling facility and storage facility. This allows for control over the wine from start to finish.

Love for vines and wine, and the awareness of the need to respect the earth and its terroir have led the Domaine to adopt organic horticultural methods; this includes cultivation of some vineyards by horse to ensure minimum compaction of the earth. The elimination of chemicals and the adoption of organic horticultural methods not only preserve the earth but improve the vine health and improve the quality in the resulting wine.


Wine Grape Varietal Age of the vines Nature of soil Technical Sheet

“Sur le Chene”

100% Pinot Noir  around 50 years limestones mixed with granitic sands
Bourgogne               “Haute Cotes de Beaune” 100% Pinot Noir around 50 years yellow sandstone and limestones
Santenay 1er Cru “Clos Rousseau” 100% Pinot Noir around 55 years silty-clay and limestone
Santenay Vieille Vignes 100% Pinot Noir around 55 years reddish-brown soil
Sparkling wine Grape Varietal Age of the vines Nature of soil Technical Sheet
Cremant de Bourgogne 100% Pinot Noir around 40 years gray marl


REGION Burgundy
APPELLATION(S) Cremant de Bourgogne, Maranges, Bourgogne, Maranges 1er Cru, Santenay, Santenay 1er Cru
PRODUCER Domaine Chevrot et Fils
ANNUAL PRODUCTION 80.000 bottles
FARMING organic