Rive della Chiesa


Rive Della Chiesa winery, in Selva del Montello, in the province of Treviso, is run by the Gasparetto brothers Luigi and Michele who deal with all phases of the wine production. Thanks to a strong family tradition and a specialized technical training they guarantee a high quality product so that the harvest can express its characteristics at its best.

 The first vineyard purchased by the Gasparetto family is located nearby an old country church “Rive Della Chiesa”, a name discovered through ancient documents of the cadasters. For that reason they decided to call the winery « Rive Della Chiesa ».

 Rive Della Chiesa vineyards arose on the slopes of “Montello”, a little hillock in the Treviso province. Melting sagely the respect of traditions and the innovation of modern oenology, the Rive Della Chiesa winery offers to its devoted customers a wide range of high quality wines. During the production they fully respect nature and the highest standards of quality to offer to the customers a very complete sensory experience in which one can feel the territory along with the wine.

 Rive Della Chiesa’s new vineyards located in the Montello area are in the most suitable climate for vine growing.They devote all their passion, their expertise and their proficiency to the art of wine making while always respecting the traditions where antique taste and modern know-how are melted.


Wine Grape Varietal Age of the vines Nature of soil Technical Sheet
Prosecco Frizzante 100% Glera 18 years hilly red soil
Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry 100% Glera 18 years hilly red soil


REGION Treviso
APPELLATION(S) Prosecco DOC Treviso
PRODUCER Rive Della Chiesa
FOUNDED Gasparetto brothers
SIZE OF THE VINEYARD 74.13 acres planted with Glera
ANNUAL PRODUCTION 800.000 Bts Prosecco DOC/ 2.000.000 in total
FARMING sustainable
WEBSITE http://www.rivedellachiesa.com/